When YouTube pages load with no CSS: how to solve

I have been unable to watch YouTube videos for a couple of months. There were some people on the Google Forums reporting the same problem, also posting screenshots, but no one seemed to be able to fix it.

Finally, checking with despair my Chrome Dev Tools, I found the problem! In my rush to block ads and avoid the slowing down produced by all the requests to external domains, I ended up redirecting s.ytimg.com to my own PC. Sadly, it seems YouTube is taking some CSSes and other stuff from there, reason why I was unable to watch any video and load the home page with a decent view.

Simply get rid of that row in your hosts file (or wherever you may have blocked it), save, and you are done!

Simpler than this!

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10 thoughts on “When YouTube pages load with no CSS: how to solve

    1. If you use AdBlock, desactivate it for youtube. I had the same problem today and when I desactivated AdBlock for youtube it working very well.

  1. Thank you so much! The IP in my hosts file was different but still pointed to the DNS name above. Deleted and … ah … youtube is back!

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