I have a life-long passion for technology, science and math, as well as writing. My multifaceted interests have provided me with skills to understand interdisciplinary problems, design large pieces of code and debug complex issues, always striving for sustainable and farsighted solutions. I am particularly strong in backend development, with experience in Python, PHP, Javascript and C++, as well as WordPress plugins. I can also incorporate security concerns into the code I write or review.

I have taught math and science literally to all levels, from elementary school to university, always tailoring the level of the exposition and expectations to the audience, and I have genuinely enjoyed my role as mentor. This has strongly developed the skill of putting myself in the learner’s shoes, allowing me to craft good documentation and written resources, as well as taking extra care in written communication.

I hold a BSc in Applied Mathematics and a MSc in Computer Science. Currently living in Stockholm 🇸🇪, I previously lived in Italy 🇮🇹, Ireland 🇮🇪 and Spain 🇪🇸. I love playing ping pong 🏓 and the piano 🎹, as well as hiking🏃, inline skating 🛼 and yoga🧘! Or at least, these are the interests that stuck, but I am often trying out new things!

I am happy to receive meaningful correspondence or work related inquiries.
Get in touch at webmaster@{thisdomain}.

My tech career started at MegaLab.it, where I wrote over 800 articles among news and tutorials. I started programming in PHP and gradually became a WordPress developer: most of my plugins are freely available; a freemium one (Post Pay Counter) is active on 75+ countries. My GitHub page contains recent/active projects. In summer 2018 I was an intern at Automattic, the leading WordPress company (powering WordPress.com and Jetpack among others). Now I am a Technical Writer @ Neo4j, documenting libraries and APIs in multiple languages.

I hold a BSc in applied mathematics, with a thesis about applications of space-filling curves. I also hold a MSc in Computer Science, with a curriculum focused on cyber security; cryptography in particular, which has also been the topic of my master thesis at IMDEA Software Institute in Madrid. I have been playing around with malware throughout my teen years and that interest stuck. I then stayed 3 years in a PhD in Computational Mathematics at Stockholm University.

I have been working as a math teacher/educator in several contexts. In 2015 I founded Il Piacere di Scoprire (The Pleasure of Findings Things Out), a not-for-profit to help kids discover the world through science experiments in a fun, practical and intuitive way. We organized workshops with kids and also provided online material for teachers and everybody (Italian only). In 2016 I started Quick Math Intuitions, where I share my personal intuitions of math/science topics. In recent years I have taught at university level, and mentored several high-school students. In 2014 I represented my country at the International Public Speaking Competition.