Pengu-ins – Making WordPress plugins

We support wonder towards the world. We encourage questions and questioning with the goal of raising consciousness. We value understanding, deep, thorough and enthusiastic understanding of the surrounding. We love people with different opinions – as long as they have a true and motivated opinion on something. We value people and their stories, how they are and how come they are so, we value people not as numbers but as people. We believe we are here for a limited amount of time, in which we should do what we can, improve what we can, and pass the ball on, the goal being making better the life of everybody.

Pengu-ins is a self-created and self-sufficient WordPress plugin-development house. We are a team of more than zero people and less than two: there’s exactly one person working, maintaining and supporting the plugins, and it’s a person who laughs at his own jokes, something of which he’s not even embarrassed of. Which is embarrassing. He has such a talent for names that he conceived the name Pengu-ins as the combination of his beloved penguins and plug-ins. We are in need of help, as you can see. Me and all the imaginary mes.Pengu-ins logo

Current Pengu-ins made plugins are:

We started off with only Post Pay Counter, which underwent several name changes over the years (apparently, people find excruciatingly hard the current name to write correctly, so I’m sticking with it just as a challenge for the world), and when it reached a technical level we didn’t have to fear other developers would look into its code and curse us, we released the first paid addon to it – Post Pay Counter PRO.