About me

c71a58a2ef3f419895016447b1782836Stefano: Italian 25-year-old guy passionate about maths/science/technology who first got in touch with computers when was about 6. Currently living in Stockholm, Sweden, I previously lived in Italy, Ireland and Spain. A software developer for many years, I hold a BSc in Mathematics and a MSc in Computer Science, and currently pursuing a PhD in Computational Mathematics.

I wrote IT tutorials for years on MegaLab.it; my 800+ articles about different topics are still available on the platform. My SourceForge page contains my early, terrible works (web related projects such as The Uploader; malware removal tools such as Bagle Restore). In later years, my focus shifted towards WordPress plugins: several of them are freely available; a freemium one (Post Pay Counter) is active on more than 75 countries all over the world. My GitHub page contains recent/active projects. In summer 2018 I was an intern at Automattic (VIP division), the leading WordPress company (powering WordPress.com, Jetpack and a lots of well-known stuff).

As a teenager I took photography classes and fell in love with light (Flickr). I also like blablaing on my YouTube channel about books and cultural topics. In 2014, I represented Italy at the International Public Speaking Competition (see my speech).

From 2014 to 2017 I studied mathematics at the university of Genoa. My thesis was about the Hilbert curve and its application in turning an image into a sequence of sounds (see 3blue1brown‘s excellent video).

I have been working as a math teacher/educator in several contexts. In 2015 I founded Il Piacere di Scoprire (The Pleasure of Findings Things Out), a not-for-profit to help kids discover the world through science experiments in a fun, practical and intuitive way. We went around doing workshops with kids and also provide online material for teachers and everybody (Italian only). In 2016 I started Quick Math Intuitions, where I share my personal intuitions of math/science topics.

In September 2017 I started a MSc in Computer Science (University of Genoa), with a curriculum focused on cyber security; cryptography in particular, which has also been the topic of my master thesis at IMDEA Software Institute in Madrid, under the supervision of Dario Fiore. I have been playing around with malware throughout my teen years and that interest stuck. Any applied mathematics topics grasp my attention as well. In October 2019 I started a PhD in ice sheets-ocean modeling at the Mathematics Department of Stockholm University (Computational Mathematics division) under the supervision of Josefin Ahlkrona.

A fellow table tennis player, yoga pupil and piano hobbist, I love reading, writing, hiking and just going around.