Post Pay Counter PRO – Changelog

  • Fixed: possibly wrong displayed author due payment with zonal payments. This did not affect payments, it was just a general stats display issue.
  • Fixed: authors not having a PayPal email set being marked as paid when bulk-paying with PayPal together with authors who did have a PayPal email.
  • Tweak: when setting up Analytics, profile for current website is automatically selected.
  • Fixed: payment history displaying blank records for payments handled by addons uninstalled/disabled.
  • New: Turkish translation.

  • Fixed: due payment not showing 0 after payment. This was due to some posts not being displayed for payment.

  • Fixed: server hanging when more than 10k rows were returned by an Analytics request.
  • Fixed: after deactivating the PRO version it would be impossible to deactivate other addons.
  • Fixed: stats in post list would display wrong amounts if the Publisher Bonus addon was enabled and user had bonus.
  • Fixed: possible IPN error due to payment amounts mismatch (although they matched).
  • Fixed: possible PHP notices during post due payment generation.
  • Tweak: Analytics rows are not updated during AJAX requests anymore.
  • Tweak: when Analytics temp files cannot be deleted, they are at least overwritten with empty content.

  • New: possible to display last week stats with shortcode (option time_range=”last_week”).
  • Fixed: csv stats would be blank.

  • Feature: possible to customize plugin menu label (could change it from Post Pay Counter to My Earnings, for example).
  • Fixed: Analytics data possibly storing wrong numbers on busy wp-admins.
  • Tweak: shortcode and csv stats now use methods from the free version (way less code, easier to mantain).
  • Fixed: shortcode and csv display N.A. as well now if a payment type information is missing for an author.
  • Fixed: writers would see other people’s total payments in posts list even if their permissions were set up not to allow them.
  • New: added Dutch translation (Elza van Swieten).
  • New: French translation (Arianna Novaro) which probably didn’t show up due to bad file name.

  • Feature: possible to stop Adsense Revenues counting after a given number of days after post publication.
  • Tweak: in shortcode stats, corresponding overall countings are hidden if the related columns were excluded from display.
  • Tweak: uninstall now revokes Analytics authorization and cleans database of its data, and also deactivates the license for the site.

  • Tweak: updated to latest Analytics API version (should fix conflicts).
  • New: added total counts to shortcode stats.
  • Fixed: having only Adsense Revenues data updating enabled without visits data would result in Adsense data not being updated.
  • Tweak: included pot files to translate plugin in whatever language.
  • Fixed: Fatal error when no Analytics profiles were found.
  • Fixed: Analytics first/last request time not displaying in system info page.

  • Fixed: no Save settings button in Analytics settings.
  • Tweak: included pot files to translate plugin in whatever language.


  • Feature: Adsense integration: share with writers a percentage of their adsense revenues (info here).
  • Tweak: null payments are not stored anymore nor displayed (less space in database and screens taken up). If you pay a post which has 10 visits and 0 words, words payment won’t even show up in the payment history.
  • Tweak: changed text of payment notification email.
  • Tweak: Brazilian Dollar renamed to Brazilian Real.
  • Fixed: PayPal IPN being triggered even if disabled.

  • Feature: now possible to display payments in posts lists (enabled by default).
  • Tweak: added filter on Analytics request args (customize it how you want).
  • Tweak: excluded search querys from Analytics requests – should result in less rows being pulled and less intensive processing).
  • Fixed: fatal error resulting from expired license and error in remote request to get notifications list.

  • Fixed: miscellanea and permissions settings saving not working anymore.

  • Fixed: last updated broke payments AJAX calls, sorry!

  • Tweak: non-plugin admin pages load time reduced by roughly 60%.
  • Fixed: [PayPal] IPN bug responsible of due payment negative amounts.
  • Tweak: added link for license renewal when in expiration.
  • New: adding shortcode attribute time_range=”last_month” to display last month stats.

  • Fixed: [Analytics] automatic daily data update may not work on busy sites due to session locking happening too early.

  • Fixed: [Analytics] session locking wasn’t working properly, resulting in rows processing overlapping. You may have noticed pending rows count going up instead of down — this was the cause. It is advised to pull Anlaytics data manually from the Options page.

  • Fixed: typo in function name triggered fatal error in post payment history window, sorry!


  • Tweak: Analytics pending rows are now processed on ANY admin page, resulting in faster data processing. Consider lowering the number of rows to be processed per page load to speed up the pages load time and increase reliability (note that if your site goes timeout while processing rows, all data becomes useless and invalid!)
  • Fixed: possible negative due payment amounts issue due to counting types that were once enabled but were then disabled (for example, payment bonus).
  • Fixed: conflict with Google Analytics by Yoast (not my fault, actually).
  • Fixed: total due payment in overall stats for author stats would always show 0.00.
  • New: new parameter to hide total due payment amount in shortcode stats (display_overall=0).
  • Fixed: possible PHP Warnings in payment history items.
  • Fixed: PHP Notice on license deactivation.
  • Fixed: after paying users with PayPal, email notifications would not be sent if IPN was disabled.
  • Fixed: license status would display as Unknown even when, in fact, it was known.
  • Fixed: markup issue in post editing page if user didn’t have permission to exclude posts/award bonus.
  • Fixed: Analytics Status AJAX loader wouldn’t be displayed during plugin authorization.
  • Tweak: removed CSS classes widefat fixed from shortcode stats table.
  • Tweak: updated italian and german translations (thanks Julian!).


  • New: introducing the new license system – provides details about your license and manages all plugin addons licenses.
  • New: introducing the new centralized autoupdate system – if you ever made an addon to the PRO plugin, autoupdate features are already written!
  • New: the Publisher Bonus addon was released (and requires at least this PRO version to work).


  • Fixed: [Analytics] users with WP in a subfolder may have experienced problems, if they were redirecting traffic to the root of the site.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] users with SSL in wp-admin but public on http wouldn’t have views counted.
  • Fixed: AJAX image loader in edit post page metabox would always show.
  • Fixed: PHP Warnings would be generated if payment bonus was enabled. This didn’t affect countings anyway.


  • Fixed: deleting payment history records would mess author payments up.
  • Fixed: when selecting all posts and marking them as paid, one of them would always be left out.
  • Fixed: somehow, sometimes, marking as paid some posts would end up in marking all posts of all authors as paid.
  • Fixed: new users would receive the error Could not get transaction history upon payment.
  • New: introducing support for more PayPal currencies: Brazilian Dollar, Malaysian Ringgit, Philippine Peso, Taiwan New Dollar, Thai Baht, Turkish Lira.
  • Tweak: using wp_mail instead of mail to deliver payment notification emails. May help in avoiding them being marked as spam (have a look at WP Mail SMTP).
  • Tweak: extra cautious measures to make sure old (i.e. before version 1.5) payment records are handled correctly.
  • Tweak: updated italian translation.


  • New: (re)introducing the Analytics visits time limit feature: stop visits counting after a certain numher of days. Doesn’t work when manual updating data from Google Analytics Status box.Fixed: custom users settings would sometimes not be pulled in difficult-to-explain circumstances.
  • Fixed: new PayPal payments would not show up their verified/unverified status in payment history records.
  • Fixed: confirm payment page was showing some old debug data at the bottom.


The Analytics visits time limit feature has been retired due to technical issues, simply exclude from the stats time range the old posts to not pay them. If you are having problems with negative payment amounts, please see this forum post.


Post Pay Counter version at least 2.40 is required.

  • Fixed: payment history records previous to last version would not display neither the date nor the PayPal verified status (if any).
  • Fixed: due payment processing would not use user personalized settings since last update.
  • Fixed: overall stats total payments now show up with currency symbol.


Post Pay Counter version at least 2.40 is required.

  • New: three types of payment history are now available. Until now, only posts would have a payment history, whereas now both posts and authors have their own, and a general option keeps of track of the transactions details, making single records lighter. All payment history related functions have been moved to a new, 700+ lines class.
  • Feature: a note can now be left upon payment, shown in italic in the payment history view.
  • Fixed: [PayPal] IPN was not working if the option to send out notifications to users upon payment was disabled.
  • Fixed: post bonus can be set back to 0. In case, the post_meta is deleted.
  • Fixed: payment email notifications would display all paid posts rather than only emailed-author ones.
  • Fixed: shortcode detailed stats display payment tooltips again.
  • Fixed: shortcode detailed stats display total due payment at the bottom.
  • Tweak: payment history display is now really sorted by payment time, newest first.
  • Tweak: [Analytics] before an error is thrown, the plugin attempts to update first request & last request times and temp files five times (can be customized).
  • Tweak: when issuing a payment, stats are regenerated instead of carrying around huge un-needed POST data.
  • Tweak: posts with null payment are not displayed in the Confirm Payment page.
  • Tweak: deleted some old code, making files lighter.
  • Tweak: less data is kept in memory by the plugin, probably resulting in less memory being used per page load.
  • Fixed: if user didn’t have permissions but managed to issue AJAX call to delete a payment history element, the error message would not be properly shown (although they would still be prevented from fulfilling the action).
  • Fixed: uninstall throwing PHP fatal error due to typo in function name.


  • New: possible to disable/enable Instant Payment Notification (IPN) listener (checkbox in PayPal Settings).
  • New: possible to disable/enable the payment status display for payment history items (checkbox in PayPal Settings).
  • New: [Analytics] when switching from pageviews to unique pageviews or viceversa, data is updated consequently.
  • Tweak: [Analytics] data update runs only in plugin stats page (it previously ran on all admin pages to grant fast and upt-to-date data updates).
  • Tweak: [Analytics] checking the session locking when updating data up to microseconds, to prevent request overlapping on very busy sites (which would result in visits doubling).
  • Tweak: plugin update routine is only executed in admin pages – when needed, of course.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] error ga_get_data_error with message Error: 400: Error calling GET … Invalid Date Range: end-date precedes start-date. Time zones in WordPress are tricky.
  • Fixed: (possibly) error ppcp_get_remote_version_error on automatic update check, with details error name lookup timed out.


  • Fixed: [Analytics] data for the day when manual data update was done would be duplicated. It is advised to update data manually again from Options > Google Analytics Status > Update data to correct any misbehaviour.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] rows after the first 10k (if all in one batch) would not be pulled correctly. An error would be thrown in the manual data update, although pending rows jumped to 10k.
  • Fixed: custom permalink for PayPal IPN could conflict with other plugins.
  • Fixed: PHP Warning on WordPress update plugins cron job.


  • Fixed: [Analytics] data could on some sites be overcounted. It is advised to update data manually again from Options > Google Analytics Status > Update data to correct any misbehaviour.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] error ga_last_request_update_error.
  • Change: [Analytics] update frequency has been removed, data is only update once a day (can’t be otherwise).


  • Feature: award a payment bonus to specific posts by the plugin’s box in the post editing page. Comes with a checkbox in Options > Misc settings to enable it or not and with an apt permission as well. Works with negative bonus as well!
  • Fixed: due payment and total payment overall stats fields would show 0.00 if the payment symbol display was set to before payment amount.
  • Fixed: payment history Verified/Unverified would never be shown for author payment histories even if the transaction was made with PayPal.
  • Fixed: some non-personalizable user’s settings would be kept as personalized, using the general settings that were in place when the user’s settings were first personalized. If you changed some of the general settings that cannot be personalized after you set up the users’ settings, it is possible that they are not being used for those users. The problem should have been fixed, but it would be best to delete users’ settings and set them up again.
  • Tweak: if more than six authors are selected for payment, a notice shows up and only the first six are selected.
  • New: German translation (Julian Beck).
  • Tweak: minor performance enhancements due to post payment tooltips being generated only for detailed stats (and some unneeded globalized vars).
  • Fixed: broken payment history items deletion.
  • Fixed: Due Pay col is stats translation did not show up.
  • Tweak: uninstall works even if Post Pay Counter is not active.


  • Tweak: [Analytics] improvements in the data update feature. More than 10000 rows can be handled (hear me, big sites?), requests are batched in groups of 9000 rows. This should fix all errors related to temp files not being found, temp files not being deleted and cramming the temp folder, and, hopefully, any errors in visits counting. Also, temp files are now stored in /temp/ga.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] a fatal error could be shown due to an uncaught exception (SSL error).
  • Fixed: [Analytics] authorization revoking would not delete visits data since v. 1.3.4.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] error ga_get_data_error with message Error: 400: Error calling GET.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] first request time would never be written if the Update Analytics data feature would never be used.
  • Tweak: preventing post with a due payment = 0 from displaying in the Confirm Payment page.
  • New: payment history items only have the Verified/Unverified badge if the transaction was made with PayPal.
  • Tweak: payment history window is taller (700px).
  • Tweak: various minor performance enhancements.
  • Tweak: in user profile, changed Post Pay Counter PRO stuff title with PayPal email address.


  • Tweak: performance improvements in stats generation (payment histories are taken all together, not while processing each post).
  • Tweak: [Analytics] 404 pages related views are directly stripped from queries, resulting in smaller data sets and the ability to handle more rows per request.
  • Fixed: amounts in payment notification emails are always shown with two decimal digits.


  • Fixed: when checking for updates automatically, plugin would turn PHP error displaying to true.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] feature to stop visits counting after given days would not work.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] preventing the error ppcp_ga_set_lock_transient_error from being logged.


  • Fixed: Italian and French translations wouldn\’t show.
  • Fixed: PHP generated warning in license class..
  • Tweak: [Analytics] faster authorization revoking.
  • New: autoupdate error logging.
  • New: [Analytics] debugging mode (const PPCP_ANALYTICS_DEBUG in post-pay-counter-pro.php).
  • New: [Analytics] added setup tutorial link.


  • New: autoupdate check runs automatically every 6 hours in the stats page.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] errors ga_read_temp_file_error and ppcp_ga_set_lock_transient_error. They did not interfere with correct Analytics data handling anyway.
  • Fixed: [Options] Analytics setting Reset time limit when post is edited could not be disabled.


  • Fixed: [PayPal] payments would always hang reporting that no users had been selected.
  • Fixed: [PayPal] user profile would return an error on save if the PayPal email was left untouched.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] when the data automatic update would run, the error ga_read_temp_file_error would be logged. It did not affect Analytics data though.
  • Fixed: license class was not properly included.


  • Fixed: [PayPal] permissions would not be set.


  • Feature: PayPal integration. Learn more at this page.
  • Feature: send email notifications after a successful payment (both PayPal and marking as paid).
  • New: detailed review of marking as paid actions on another page before they are effectively done.
  • New: [shortcode] attr display_timerange allows to hide stats timerange header in public stats. Use display_timerange=0.
  • New: total due payment shown in overall stats (PPC >= 2.23 required).
  • Fixed: marking as paid would only act on 5 posts per time.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] problems with websites which had WordPress installed in a subfolder instead of in the root.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] data update requests could in rare cases overlap. The lock on the temp file is now put earlier.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] more error handling and proof checking for more accurate data.


  • Fixed: [Analytics] visits would sometimes show huge weird numbers due to caching problems (was probably happening only on big sites which used caching plugins. If you had this problem, it is advised to update Analytics data anew from the Options page). Everything that could be done for the plugin not to have caching plugins interfering with it has been done, for a completely correct setup, see the FAQ.
  • Fixed: exclusion/inclusion post from stats toggle would always appear disabled.
  • Fixed: license details would not be stored if they were already in place.
  • Fixed: added localization slug to some forgotten strings.
  • Fixed: class URITemplateParser was liable to error of redeclaration.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] last request time update would almost always throw an error.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] if post time limit had been reached, visits would not be updated but the row would not be deleted from processing queue.
  • New: [Analytics] each rows update is delayed by 10 seconds to avoid requests overlapping.
  • Tweak: [Analytics] request temp file moved to /temp.


  • New: French localization (credits: Arianna Novaro).
  • New: Analytics visits data update is split in chunks, it doesn\’t get updated all at once. This is to reduce the load on the server and prevent hanging with big databases. You can choose how many rows per page load should be updated (default: 150). Rows to be updated are stored in a temporary text file, so make sure the plugin has write permissions in its own folder.
  • New: Analytics update frequency can be customized (default: 12 hours).
  • Feature: stop Analytics visits counting after a given number of days.
  • Feature: choose currency symbol position.
  • Tweak: minor improvements in Analytics data update routine for better performance.
  • Tweak: if Post Pay Counter is not active an error notice is shown.
  • Fixed: Analytics authorization revoking is faster, only loops through posts which do have visits to be cleared.
  • Fixed: options do not get autoloaded.
  • Fixed: installation may sometimes not fire correctly.


  • Fixed: if Analytics setup got interrupted settings would not show properly.
  • Fixed: Analytics authorization revoking would not replace box content with confirmation message.


  • Fixed: scheduled events did not run properly (if you had problems with Analytics, they are probably solved now).


Post Pay Counter version 2.21 is needed.

  • Fixed: Analytics data update don’t stop anymore if a problem with a post arise.
  • New: Analytics errors are logged – if you had problems with Analytics, look at the new error log box in the options page.


  • Fixed: last update made marking as paid show an error.
  • Fixed: (should) plugin update would return an error if run from its details page.


  • Fixed: Analytics daily update would not work if data had not already been pulled at least once.
  • Fixed: shortcoded stats would\’n show currency symbol (but an errorif debug active).
  • Fixed: non-prefixed auto update and Analytics classes liable to errors due to possible redeclaration (ie. incompatibility with other plugins which used them).
  • Fixed: uninstall would not delete post exclusion post_meta when set.


  • Feature: ability to exclude single posts from stats through checkbox in post editing page. Comes with a new permissionin the Options page.
  • Fixed: Analytics didn’t sometimes pull stats the right way.
  • Fixed: an error showed up in System Info page.
  • Fixed: general settings could not be saved.
  • Tweak: activation is now prevented if PPC >= 2.1 is not found.


  • First release
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