Post Pay Counter PRO – Enhance your payment manager

Post Pay Counter PRO is an addon for the Post Pay Counter free plugin which enriches it with more features, helping you to effectively compute and track your writers’ payments and implement a revenue sharing model in your business.


  • Google Analytics integration: use your account on the world-leading website visits tracking system to pay writers also basing on how many times their posts were seen. Use pageviews or unique pageviews as you like and stop the counting after a certain number of days. (Tutorial)
  • PayPal integration: pay your writers directly from the stats page with Adaptive Payments. (Tutorial)
  • Mark as paid: keep track of your writers’ past payments by marking post as paid.
  • Payment history:┬áreview payments from a detailed payment history. Let the plugin keep track of how much each writer should be paid basing on past payments.
  • Csv export: download stats for offline consulting or storing.
  • Shortcode: put stats in public static pages and wherever suits your needs, exclude some columns from display. (Tutorial)
  • Stats in post editing page: see post stats in edit page and exclude single posts from stats.
  • Payment bonus: award a special bonus to single posts (even a negative one!).
  • Currency symbol: add the desired currency symbol before or after payments.
  • Multi-lingual support: French (Arianna Novaro), German (Julian Beck), Italian (Stefano Ottolenghi).
  • Priority support: get as fast as we can support, Skype calls and screen sharing if needed.


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We are always here to help you! And guess what: we always take extra care of our dear PRO users. Drop us a line anytime and we’ll help you as soon as we can (we are based in Italy, so expect some delays due to time zone differences)! However, take a second to look at the FAQs: we may have answered your question already.