Post Pay Counter: WordPress payment manager


Easily calculate and handle authors’ pay on a multi-author blog by computing posts’ remuneration basing on admin defined rules. The administrator can specify criteria upon which payments should be computed and the stats will immediately be viewable. Both a general view with all users and a specific one for a author are possible. It can easily help you implement a revenue sharing/paid to write model for your business.

Features include

  • Pay per post, word, visit (tutorial), image and comment (not mutually exclusive).
  • Pay with an incremental system (eg. each word is €0.01 => 100 words = €1) or with a zonal one (eg. from 200 to 300 words/visits it’s €2.00, up to 10 zones).
  • No account needed. Data is yours, no need to sign-up to anything really.
  • Old stats availability. View posts countings since the first written post, disregarding the plugin install date. A fancy date picker lets you shift between days and select the desired range.
  • Personalize user’s settings, so that special settings only apply to a particular user. Different settings can be made viewable in the stats or hidden depending on your needs.
  • Customizable permissions to prevent your users to see stats and use functions they are not supposed to.
  • Extend with your own custom implementation through hooks, filters and special API features.
  • And… works with custom post types, narrow your payments only to chosen user groups, and more.

GitHub repository (wanna join us coding?)

Download (free) Post Pay Counter

Integrate with Analytics/Adsense and pay with PayPal

The PRO version includes Analytics visits payment, Adsense Revenues sharing and PayPal payments. Among other stuff, it also allows to keep a convenient log of past payments and to display stats in public pages through a shortcode.

Integrate with Facebook

The Facebook addon allows to pay posts for the Facebook shares and comments they receive.

Browse all extensions.

Available languages

  • English
  • German (Julian Beck)
  • Dutch (Elza van Swieten)
  • Italian (Stefano Ottolenghi)
  • Portoguese (Marco Dantas)

If you want to translate it in your own language and get a discount on the PRO version, contact us!

Post Pay Counter Screenshots (clic to enlarge):

Frequently Asked Questions

You said I could pay per visit. How do I do that?

There’s an apt tutorial here. However, note that Post Pay Counter does not keep track of visits, it can only keep it in mind when computing the payment. You either need to have a plugin who keeps track of visits, and put the post_meta name of the field in which it stores the visits (must be a number), or get the PRO version of Post Pay Counter and use your Google Analytics account to get visits data.

I installed the plugin but it does not show up in the menu. Also, if I go to the settings page, it says I am not authorized

That is probably due to a permissions manager plugin you have on your blog. Check that capabilities post_pay_counter_access_stats and post_pay_counter_manage_options are correctly assigned and working.

Can I pay for BBPress contents?

It is indeed possible to pay for BBPress topics and replies with Post Pay Counter.

In Post Pay Counter > Options > Miscellanea > Allowed post types, make sure you haveTopic and Reply ticked, and those types of contents will be included in countings.

I don’t want errors to be logged

Set to false the constant PPC_DEBUG_LOG in post-pay-counter.php, it is located at line 44. From this: define( ‘PPC_DEBUG_LOG’, true ); It must become: define( ‘PPC_DEBUG_LOG’, false );

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208 thoughts on “Post Pay Counter: WordPress payment manager

  1. hi

    i would like to ask if i can exclude certain category from being calculated in earning . if not possible now please put it in development plan,
    and thank you for awesome plugin

  2. Hi Mezo,
    both your needs can be more easily achieved with the PRO version (, and while the first one can kind of be achieved in the free version as well, I’m afraid the second one cannot.

    What makes the difference in this case is the ability to mark posts/authors as paid. In this way, a payment history is built and you can see past payments from a convenient log. Also, past payments are used to generate a field called Due payment, so that when you pay a writer his Due payment drops to zero, which corresponds to your second request.

    As for the first request, you almost replied to yourself: pick a wider time range. If you want all posts to be displayed, so that you’ll see payments due to posts from a long time ago, pick a hugely wide time range.

    Do ask for more information if you still have any doubts!
    Have a nice day,

    • thanks for fast reply

      is that mean that if i choose for example to show stats for the past 3 months
      and i marked one of the authors(A) as paid
      after another 2 months when i view the stats for the past 4 motns .. i will find that particular author(A) have only earnings for the past 2 while others that were not marked have for all the 4 months earnings …. is that right ?

  3. Hi Stefano,

    I was reading your comment on Referral Plugin, I suggest you check mycred plugin, it offers a Points for Referral System. Having a similar feature in Pay Post Counter would be useful.

    Nitin G

  4. Hi there,

    Thank you so much for this plug in. It is awesome. I had been looking for something to pay my authors, and this is great! Sometimes, I would like to change the rate I am paying an author for a single piece and not adjust the standard rate. For example, if in the Options, I have set them up to pay $0.01/word and for a particular piece I want to pay $0.03 per word. Or if instead of by the word, I want to pay a flat rate — it would be great to be able to select to override the options individually. The bonus works a little, but what if I’m trying to pay a flat rate and the per word default rate is greater. Then the bonus does not work. Any ideas? New feature?

    • Hi Kimberly,
      glad the plugin is useful to you.

      What you suggest would involve giving the ability to customize counting settings for each, which would result in a dramatic slow-down in the stats displaying, I forecast. I think the easiest and fastest way to accomplish what you need is to manually calculate how much more you want to pay the post and set that as payment bonus. Does this help?

      Have a nice day,

  5. Great, this plugin is what I’ve been looking for, and once I’ve purchased the new domain name, I’ll be upgrading to pro.

    I just wondered if there was a referral system? I wanted the option of users referring other users, and once they’ve made a post (or reached a payment threshold), the referrer gets a bonus. Is this something you’ve considered?

      • It would be great if each user can generate a referral link, which they can post to forums, their own blogs, etc. Then once a referee has made a post, a bonus amount is awarded to the referrer?

        It may be that I just run a referral plugin in addition to Post Pay Counter, but it would be great if the users could see their referral earnings alongside their post earnings.

        thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

  6. Just for some clarification, I noticed you have a section that pays for comments. Does this work with disqus? or no? I do not use WP comments any more…I just got tired of trashing 1000’s of comments/month….so its disqus or nothing at all. You do have to install their plugin, so you maybe able to add some type of code to it in order to do the comment tracking, payment, etc. but Wp comment section is stone age, and has clearly been out dated for years now; disqus more modern approach to comments.

  7. I guess i should not get to excited over this…not sure why…As cool as your plugin sounds, for the most part, people are just generally lazy…It is one thing trying to find someone that can produce quality content, and it is another thing to get them to get on the blog to post…because they wrote the content does not mean they want to waste any more time (I wrote the content, now you can do with it as you want) and to be honest, they are right, I cant even remember the last time I even signed up on a blog, because If i cant post and go, then why more of my time….my last comment was “so what it? it is just a word counter; I gave you the content, you post it, then pay me, because they did not feel they needed to go any further, and what could i argue about? show them the word count? oh hell, getting people to write good stuff is one thing, getting them to act is completely something else., after they write it, pay for it, then they generally dont care what I do with the content after that, and you have to be select on who participates, otherwise, you will just get posted junk, and go broke paying for random thoughts. I asked one content provider the other day would he care to credit the content directly on the blog, he said no. my world :)

  8. Ok boss, I logged into the “author” account to continue test (2nd time) in today, and the first time I seen no errors, now all a sudden I get a load of this in my face.

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home1/gfy/public_html/wp-content/plugins/amazon-auto-links/class/AmazonAutoLinks_AdminPage_.php on line 364
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home1/gfy/public_html/wp-content/plugins/amazon-auto-links/class/AmazonAutoLinks_AdminPage_.php on line 391
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home1/gfy/public_html/wp-content/plugins/amazon-auto-links/class/AmazonAutoLinks_AdminPage_.php:364) in /home1/gfy/public_html//wp-includes/option.php on line 563
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home1/gfy/public_html/wp-content/plugins/amazon-auto-links/class/AmazonAutoLinks_AdminPage_.php:364) in /home1/gfy/public_html/wp-includes/option.php on line 564

    Something to do with the amazon auto links, and the option was not even checked.

    • my bad, not sure if this is the reason or not, but I just realized that I put this domain on a cloud today, and I do remember it saying some things may not work correctly; I will adjust some settings too see if that was the issue…

      I also noticed a pay different between words, and pay…I set the pay at $1 per 100 words, 727 words was posted, and the pay only shows $7.00 – Authors will go monkey ate if they something like this; technically, the payout should have been $7.27 not $7.00, so after the highest word payout, then it needs to calculate down to the penny if the wording has not reached the next 100 target….

      • The plugin should work fine with multisite. What it doesn’t do is provide a network admin page (i.e. you can’t set up all your blogs at once), but for each site it should do the job.

        As for the payment, you have to choose between zones and incremental, you can’t have them both at the same time. If you need to tune the payment down to the penny, then you need to go for the incremental and accept that 699 words will be $6.99… I am afraid there’s no other way.

    • Please note that those are NOT errors from Post Pay Counter. The plugin they’re from is Amazon Auto Links. (However, you may hide the errors by turning off WP_DEBUG, even though they would still occur)

      • It may have something to do with the cloud. I know the amazon auto links has been installed with no issues before, and no errors come up before the cloud, even when your plugin was first installed, no errors relating to the auto links, it was not until after the cloud went into effect that I got those errors….

  9. I have a couple ideas to toss at you; feel free to tell me what you think, or even implement them, and surprise me later :) I am looking in the box “Everything you are missing by not being pro” lets start with google analytics…is that cheat proof? they get paid by how many times their post is viewed? or clicked…? I also seen on the list that this works with, not sure how yet, amazon auto links, does this mean we could pay the poster something if a product is sold on their post? Even thought we know amazon pay outs are low, but if the right content is made, then a boat load of orders could come in (sora like pay for performance over their writing skills) so is it possible to turn their post into a mini-affiliate arena; if they choose to do so, they could advertise their post url, bring more traffic, earn more, it would not be much more, because the base line amazon comm is only 4%, but giving them even 1% plus their skill writing could be an incentive for them to advertise or mention the their post url; they may even post it on their own sites; and it would need to be iron clad cheat proof, as any quality affiliate program would be…ignore own IPs, Ignore Auto traffic or fake traffic, so if it is not a real IP to a real human then it doesnt count, and I think you get the idea…what do you think so far?

    I surely do not want them sitting there and auto inflating their stats so the system will pay them more for nothing nothing but cheating…mark as paid, that is great feature, nothing more there…Ho

    • Another incentive would be to allow authors to submit/place their own ad code, ie: adsense, and they could get revenue off their ads. author would set their add code, insert their pub ID, then they are set, of course I have to determine the size and placement of their ad, but it would be a great incentive for them to post their best content….
      Some sites may want a piece of that action, for whatever reason I am not able to get into adsense any longer, so from my point of view, any revenue from their ads would be 100% theirs….

      • Yes, that is something on my todo list. It’s a bit complex to put in practice because it would require Adsense integration, but it may become part of the plugin at some point… :)

        • and a disclaimer to the adsense user. adsense has clearly gotten up-tight over the years, and you dont dare show your ads just on any site. If the site is not well established, loved by google, then that person should not even consider using their pub id on the site…

          • Yes well, that is user’s concern. I mean, I can’t go around warning them about floods: if the site is bad, they should take care of not using their Adsense 😉

    • Now, what I love is user feedback! Getting to know how you guys use the plugin, what are your payment criteria and what the plugin should allow to adjust to them, is really one of the most important things to me.

      Is Analytics cheat proof? Well, I certainly hope so! I mean, they are the most important and widely-used visits tracking system, they should know how to do this kind of stuff. You will be able to choose between pageviews and unique pageviews, and if the future I plan to take into account time on page, bounce rate and other dimensions to determine the value of the visits.

      There’s no mention of Amazon auto links – and I don’t plan to implement any. However, there will be PayPal, which will allow to pay writers directly from you blog. PayPal problems are the cause of the delays in the release of the PRO version…

      So again, really feel free to give as much feedback as you want! :)

  10. Hi, I just downloaded the plugin and started playing with it a bit. My only concern so far is the currency symbol. Would it by possible to have a field in settings page where you can enter your own symbol which then will be displayed on other pages, reports, etc? I do not want to imply that all people are idiots, but I can see some claiming that they thought they would get paid in Euros and you would have to claim on every page or letter or communication with your contributor that although the system shows Euro, you get paid in GBP, USD or other currencies such as CZK and then it is a big difference if you say you pay someone 10 in USD or 10 in Euro or 10 in CZK. I do not want to get into fights with contributors that they expected Euros and not USD for example. What do you think, would it be a big issue to add a field in settings which would change the currency to whatever you want?

    • Hello, yes indeed: in version 2, the Post Pay Counter won’t have any currency symbol, while the Post Pay Counter PRO, which also allows to pay with PayPal writers from your site, will allow the currency change.

      Since it’s only a matter of days, if you’re going to set up the plugin all nice and well, I’d advise you to wait and do that directly on the new version, or you’re likely to do things twice :)

      Have a nice day,

  11. I have a issue where this message appears at the top of my theme:
    Warning: array_intersect() [function.array-intersect]: Argument #2 is not an array in /home3/mfalk75/public_html/wp-content/plugins/post-pay-counter/post-pay-counter.php on line 291

    Any advice on how to fix that,

    Thanks much!


  12. As i can see, plugin doesn’t work with WP 3.7.1, show error “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” when visiting settings page, so i can’t even start it… Hope you will fix it soon. I used it before and i liked it very much.

  13. Hello,
    I checked the plug in yesterday and installed it. I tried checking how the views I get. I opened two pages and the views counted as 2. However, when I refreshed both pages, the views still remained the same. That’s right. They shouldn’t get counted again and again.
    But the problem was when I opened the same page today, the views still didn’t increase. They should add +1 after 24 hours, isn’t it? But the views still didn’t increase. That’s really frustrating :(. How can I count the views in such a case? Please help.
    Abhijit Bangal

    • Hello!
      Yes they should indeed. Are you sure 24 hours passed? Anyway, you may not want to be bothered with it too much as in future releases that feature Will not be available anymore (replaced by Google analytics and other methods). It should not take more than a month to be released.

      Have a nice day,

  14. Greetings Stegano,

    This is just the plugin I’m looking for to complement a (user) pay per view system I plan to implement. Tow little matters:
    (1) I wondered whether you had checked compatibility with WP 3.6.1 as the installer page warns that it has not been tested with this version.

    (2) It’d be great if the functionality to pay authors via PayPal were included.

    Thanks for the work you’ve done so far.


    • 1) No problems are known to me; moreover, version 3.6.1 only contained security fixes and minor changes, nothing that should break the plugin.
      2) I am working on a new version that will include that feature.

      Have a nice day,

      • Thanks for your reply Stefano. Just a couple suggestions: (1) Would it be possible to set a start point for overall calculations? For example “Total spent money:” goes all the way to the start of my blog at the end of 2007. However, I have not yet implemented a payment system for writers. It’d be good if I could set a start date so that old posts that aren’t calculated in the grand total.

        (2) Not all users on my site are writers. I’ve created Author and Contributor roles and subscribers aren’t promoted to writing. It’d be nice if the “Personalize single user settings” box had an Ajax header with check boxes for each user role so one could select just those to display in a query; eg Admin, Editor, Author and not select Subscriber, Noob etc.
        That would make it easier to find a user rather than try to figure out a user id to add to a URL.

        Something similar could be added to the “Post Pay Counter Stats” query so that it could be limited by time and user role rather than searching the whole database.



        • 1) Well I’m actually planning to getting rid of that feature in future releases. It’s pretty statistics, but not that useful while really heavy to compute.
          2) That’s a brilliant idea, thanks!

  15. Hello,
    How does “Post Pay Counter” calculates the visits to posts. I have compared the visits registered via Google Analytics against the the ones registered via “Post Pay Counter” and there is a big difference. There are much less in “Post Pay Counter”.


    • As written in the tooltip beside its setting, the plugin count unique daily visits using cookies. If a user visits the page, its visit is not logged again for the following 24 hours.

  16. Is too hard to implement the following? :

    A) Have a minimum + visits payment. We pay per post and per visit.

    B) Have regular payments. If I check a payment, that post still gather visits. so maybe we want to make regular payments.


  17. Ciao Stefano, innanzitutto complimenti per il plugin, fantastico.

    Vorrei chiederti, è possibile evidenziare il numero della visualizzazione degli articoli scritti accanto al numero delle parole per ciascun articolo, nelle stats di un singolo autore?

    In sostanza, accanto al words count avere anche il views count?

    Grazie, Atty

        • Per come è strutturato il plugin al momento, non è possibile. Il conteggio a parole e quello a visite si escludono infatti vicendevolmente, per cui non viene tenuta traccia delle visite quando il conteggio a parole è attivo e viceversa.
          Buona serata,

          • Ciao Stefano, semmai fosse possibile, fammelo sapere grazie!!

            Un caro saluto,


  18. Hi,

    I’m waiting for the front end dashboard possibility, since I’m using user dashboard in the front end, so i hope the user stats (especially visits and earning) would be available in the front end, because I dont want user see my back end site :)

    please help :)

    • Hello,
      you can select what user roles you want to be able to see the stats page: this means that basically it is enough to have an account on your website to be able to see the stats. I do not get the problem: if you set the permissions the right way, as users are able to see their user’s page (which is already “backend”), they should be able to see the stats one.

      Hope this helps,

  19. Ciao,
    ho installato il plugin, volevo sapere due cose se è possibile:

    1) Hai una versione italiana del plugin?
    2)Le visite non le calcola univoche, ossia quanto un utente ad esempio accede da browser diversi con la stessa connessione vedo che conteggia ugualmente le visite, anche le mie stesse, esiste un modo per fare in modo che un visitatore non si faccia le visite da solo in questo modo oppure con iframe, scambio visite automatico etc? Poi volevo capire se era possibile e come si fa a impostare il plugin affinche’ paghi gli articoli al raggiungimento delle visite mensili dell’articolo e non di tutto il mese solare. Mi spiego meglio, se un utente posta un articolo il 9 aprile io devo impostare quell’articolo a scadenza 9 maggio, se raggiunge il numero di visite gli viene retribuito, se non lo raggiunge quel mese non prende nulla, è possibile fare questa modifica?

    Grazie in anticipo,
    Carmine Picariello

    • Ciao,
      1) la localizzazione italiana non è, almeno per il momento, disponibile.
      2) il sistema delle visite funziona tramite cookie di validità di 24 ore dalla creazione: come hai verificato, quindi, l’uso di browser diversi o la manuale cancellazione dei cookie porta al conteggio di una visita ulteriore.
      3) tale sistema è abbastanza rudimentale (ragione per cui uno delle maggiori funzioni da aggiungere è, appena avrò tempo, l’uso di Google Analytics): quanto chiedi non è possibile al momento.

      Buona giornata,

      • Caro Stefano,
        grazie infinite per la tempestiva risposta, infatti era proprio quello che volevo chiederti riguardo ad analytics, per quanto riguarda le modifiche intendevo a pagamento ovviamente, so che la personalizzazione si paga.

        A presto,
        Carmine Picariello

        • Avevo già pronto tutto l’ambaradam per Analytics l’anno scorso, ma poi Google ha rivoluzionato la piattaforma e il lavoro fatto l’ho praticamente buttato. Per il momento non ha senso fare modifiche consistenti al plugin, dato che vorrei rilasciarne una versione completamente rinnovata in estate.

          A presto,

    • Thanks man for reporting that, I would not have noticed it. WordPress changed something under the hood without me knowing and that was the result. It would be awesome if when they make such changes, they also told plugin/themes writers, you know… It would be fine now with plugin version 1.3.7.

  20. Very nice plugin – I couldn’t find anything that came close to this. Unfortunately it’s close but doesn’t do entirely what I was after, and I am unsure as to how we would currently accomplish this with your plugin. Therefore some suggestions/feature requests:

    1. The ability to have a ‘running balance’ instead of just seeing what someone is owed by specific time frames.
    E.g. – keep a running total of the ‘earnings’ for each author – and the ability for the admin rather than marking it ‘paid’ to add specific payments to this running total. This is essentially just 1 database field for the users, and 1 field where the admin can enter the payment amount, which is then subtracted from the running total.
    The remaining/outstanding earnings would be the total earnings minus the payments.

    2. Currency customisation. I know, not that important as could be hard-edited in your plugin. But it would be nicer for most people if all references in the code were changed with a variable, and the admin interface allowed you to fill in whatever ‘currency’ you like. Be it €, $, £ or even “Points” or whatever other custom string people would like to add.

    3. More granular rewards. A combination of words / views would be ideal. I read somewhere that you said this was complicated to achieve, so we’re probably talking a future version.

    Please continue to support this plugin – there’s nothing like it out there right now and if you continue to add functionality and make it appeal to a wider audience you could really see this take off.

    • First, I would like to premise something. I am going to redesign the whole plugin because of the really bad design choices I took before the first release more than a year ago, adding features and fixing bugs has become harder and harder. For this reason, if you have any big request/advice this is probably the best time to say them. I do not know when I will do the redesign – and it will take me quite a lot of time -, but I want as many suggestions and major changes requests to be made, so that I can design the plugin consequently.

      That said, point 1) is not clear to me: please explain in more detail what *practically* that would mean, what you would expect. Point 2) is fine, it is something that a lot of people have asked for and that I will surely put into the big redesign. Point 3) needs thinking: I must find a way to do integrate the two counting types that does not slow down the whole plugin.

      Feel free to email me if you prefer (I do :D),

  21. Great Idea, but …
    Unfortunately, it doesn’t do what my company or many others needs. Payment by the POST – not by the word. I pay my authors by the post a fixed amount. We get about 15,000 posts created a month, across a few hundred wordpress sites. Using your tool would make life so much easier if you had an option to track by the post not the word. It would also need to allow for custom statuses, so it should allow for Published, and for ignore status. It should also allow multiple revisions to count as just one post. If you can add this, we will be happy to donate. Please let me know if you make this revision to your plug-in.

    • Multiple revisions of the same post are already counted as one post only. Technically speaking, the plugin selects from the database only the posts that have a post type included in the ones selected in the plugin options, skipping by default any “revision”, “auto-draft” and the like. So this should be ok. Now for the custom statuses… are there custom stuses in WordPress? I did not know about, how do they work? I will work on the pay-per-post-and-not-per-word thing as soon as I have the time to do it. Bye!

  22. Ciao Stefano penso che ci siano dei problemi con il plugin per quanto riguarda i permessi di visualizzazione delle statistiche parziali e complete per autore in quanto nonostante abbia provato ad attivare e disattivare i vari flag tutte le statistiche sono ugualmente visibili da tutti i ruoli e tutti gli utenti. Per la cronaca uso anche adminimize e role editor ma ho provato a disattivare entrambi e non sembrano essere questi il problema .

    • Ciao junkfood, hai ragione: c’era effettivamente un problema che impediva che alcuni permessi venissero presi in considerazione, non so quando sia stato introdotto. Con la nuova, a momenti disponibile per il download, il problema è risolto.

      • Nonostante l’aggiornamento penso che il problema persista Stefano, provando le varie statistiche con un account contributor non vedo nessun cambiamento, tutte le statistiche sono ancora presenti e nonostante le prova di flag unflag ancora ogni utente può accedere alle statistiche di tutti gli altri utenti e persino mettere i flag pagato e non pagato.

          • Essendo un contributor dovrebbe essere level_5
            ma se hai un suggerimento su come verificare il livello reale ti ascolto, comunque per sicurezza cambiando il livello utente da contributor a autore e poi ad editore niente cambia.

          • Quelle generali Stefano, quello che non capisco è come verificare se ci potrebbe essere conflitto ad esempio con Role Editor che segnala tra i permessi disponibili per gli utenti anche quello di accedere alle statistiche. Disattivando questo permesso le statistiche scompaiono e quindi direi che è ininfluente visto che riattivandolo non si verifica nessun problema, se hai news ti ascolto volentieri :)

          • Nella c’era un problema con i permessi delle statistiche generali e dettagliate, i primi due permessi visualizzati, per intenderci. Giustamente, se disattivi quel permesso lì, il Post Pay Counter non lo trova e suppone che tu non abbia i permessi per vedere le statistiche. I permessi di visualizzazione delle statistiche e modifica delle impostazioni sono una cosa a parte, sono loro che ti danno problemi?

  23. Hi,
    I’ve updated to version but i saw a mistake. I chose “Use the multiple zones system” and did some chages for a user. I saved. Fields turned first statues: (200, 350, 500.. ) When I checked them in db by phpmyadmin, I saw they changed. I controlled Stats, I saw that there were calculated according to unique payment value, not zones.
    I have used this plugin for a long time but I’ve updated first time..
    Thanks a lot..

  24. Ciao :)
    Innanzitutto complimenti per il plugin.

    Ho riscotnrato un problema. Quando inserisco la mail paypal dell’utente, non me la salva.

    Inoltre quando inserisco un solo campo delle parole minime da compilare, se non inserisco altri numeri di parole e relativi compensi, non mi effettua il conteggio.

    Sapresti dirmi come risolvere? :)


    • Ciao Cionfs,
      grazie per i complimenti 😀

      C’è effettivamente un problema nel salvataggio di alcuni campi delle impostazioni personalizzate, che cercherò di risolvere al più presto. Per l’altra anomalia, relativa alle fasce, è normale che accada: se vuoi usare il sistema a fasce devi riempirle tutte. Qual è esattamente il risultato che desideri ottenere?


  25. Ciao Stefano complimenti per il plugin, ho sempre cercato qualcosa di simile. Sto comunque provando a far funzionare la nuova versione del tuo plugin sulla mia versione di WordPress MU ma mi ha generato questo errore:

    Warning: array_intersect() [function.array-intersect]: Argument #1 is not an array in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 136

    Warning: array_diff() [function.array-diff]: Argument #2 is not an array in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 137

    Warning: array_intersect() [function.array-intersect]: Argument #1 is not an array in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 138

    Warning: array_diff() [function.array-diff]: Argument #2 is not an array in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 139

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 141

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 147

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 153

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 159

    Il plugin durante l’attivazione ha generato 1886 caratteri di output inaspettato. Se si nota un messaggio di “headers already sent”, problemi con i feed o altre tipologie di problemi, si provi a disattivare o rimuovere il plugin.

    Grazie mille

    • Ciao Felice,
      grazie mille per la tua segnalazione.

      Ho appena inviato una nuova versione del plugin che dovrebbe aver risolto il problema ma, dato che in locale funziona a funzionava anche prima, non ho modo di verificare.
      Se dovessero esserci ancora problemi, non esitare a contattarmi di nuovo (ho spostato il commento sul post del Post Pay Counter ;)).


      • Mi da questo errore si puo fare qualcosa???—-Il plugin durante l’attivazione ha generato 1774 caratteri di output inaspettato. Se si nota un messaggio di “headers already sent”, problemi con i feed o altre tipologie di problemi, si provi a disattivare o rimuovere il plugin.

          • ora da questo errore
            Il plugin non può essere attivato perché genera un errore fatale. Fatal error: Call to a member function has_cap() on a non-object in /membri/ilcinemagratis/wp-content/plugins/post-pay-counter/post-pay-counter-functions.php on line 154

          • Stefano ho aggiornato ma continua a darmi questo errore: Warning: array_intersect() [function.array-intersect]: Argument #1 is not an array in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 140

            Warning: array_diff() [function.array-diff]: Argument #2 is not an array in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 141

            Warning: array_intersect() [function.array-intersect]: Argument #1 is not an array in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 142

            Warning: array_diff() [function.array-diff]: Argument #2 is not an array in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 143

            Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 145

            Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 151

            Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 157

            Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 163

          • Capisco il disagio causato da un aggiornamento non funzionante, e me ne scuso. Ricevo segnalazioni discordanti, un po’ da persone che hanno risolto i loro problemi con l’ultima versione, e un po’ invece da chi continua a ricevere errori. Sto ancora cercando di risolvere, non ho gettato la spugna. :)

  26. Do you have any way to reset the accumulated value of the users will better explain

    I’m willing to pay for post created, but can not afford so automatically so I wanted to pay direct this money in his account, but have not found any way to reset the money he already won for me it is missing only in order to usufluir this progam

      • ciao stefano ora si vede ma senza risultati ora mi esce scritto cosi
        Il plugin durante l’attivazione ha generato 419 caratteri di output inaspettato. Se si nota un messaggio di “headers already sent”, problemi con i feed o altre tipologie di problemi, si provi a disattivare o rimuovere il plugin.

        • e questo quando cancellato e o ristallato
          Il plugin durante l’attivazione ha generato 3967 caratteri di output inaspettato. Se si nota un messaggio di “headers already sent”, problemi con i feed o altre tipologie di problemi, si provi a disattivare o rimuovere il plugin.
          grazie del lavoro

          • Me ne ero accorto, ma mi premeva rilasciare una versione che, output inaspettato a parte, funzionasse. Se vedi le voci di menu e puoi modificare le impostazioni, significa che è tutto a posto. Disinstallando e reinstallando il plugin si perdono dati dei conteggi e impostazioni, questo è normale. Se vuoi rigenerare tutti i conteggi, puoi usare il pulsante Update stats countings nella pagina delle opzioni.
            Rimango disponibile per qualunque cosa,

  27. First off, thanks a lot for this plugin, it really is a blessing for a lot of us :)

    I’m having though a little issue with it… I installed it today and it registers only 1 unique visitor per post, no matter what post is. Can you tell me if it is a common issue, or give me any clue on how to solve it?


    • Hello!
      First, keep in mind that the plugin starts countings visits from the moment you activate the visits counting type: it is not, if so I can say, retroactive, it does not apply to old visits. Moreover, visitors must have cookies enabled.
      But if you are sure it is not working, please try opening your wp-config.php file, locate define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false); and change it to define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true); . Then, delete your browser cookies and try to visit a post page, see if any error appears and copy it here.

  28. Hi Crowned..Thanks a lot for this very useful plugin.But Im missing some thing that i was in need.Im allowing my visitors to submit reviews(comments). So, I’m thinking to pay them even for commenting..How to do that using this plugin.Please help me out.

    • I fear you cannot do what you are asking for. The plugin allows you to pay authors whose articles were commented more than a fixed number of times. So, for example, if user A writes a post B, and that posts gets more than, say, 50 comments, post B is paid a little more. But if user A comments on another post C, it is not awarded anything. Tell me if have misunderstood your intentions :)

      • I want to give money even for posting comments to others posts.As mine is a review site.It will help me to generate more reviews.Guess you got me now.Is there any way to hack the code to make this functionality happen.
        My Suggestions:
        1.Make a option to admin to give money for every activity done by an user.Activities include sharing posts to his friends on social networking sites( Facebook, twitter),posting comments,writing posts.
        2.Make even subscribers payable for doing these actions.
        3.Integrate a Paypal option where a user can be paid directly by admin from his console.
        4.Display user his income on front end instead of looking in wordpress panel

        I think these changes will make this plugin stand top for ever with these changes.You can even make it a paid plugin.I hope my suggestions helps you..

        • Thank your for taking some time to write down your suggestions. Suggestions #2 and #3 will probably be included in the next releases since they were already planned, #1 is quite a difficult one and I can’t grant you it will be implemented.
          Bye :)

    • Is there a particular settings it does not seem to save or is it the whole page? Would you please change your WP_DEBUG constant to TRUE in your wp.config.php file, then try to Save Options again and take a screenshot of the errors that may be displayed? That would surely help to better understand and diagnose your problem :)

  29. hi – great plugin!

    when i attempt to add payment options, i click the ‘save options’ button at the bottom, but it doesn’t save what i entered into the fields. i’m clicking on the button and not hitting ‘enter.’

    fyi i’m using the chrome 18.0.1025.3 dev browser on a mac


    • Hello.
      Please enable the Debug Mode in WordPress by setting the WP_DEBUG constant in wp-config.php; then try again to save options again and see if any error message is returned.

      Let me know :)

      • thanks for the quick reply!

        just to make sure i’m doing this right, in wp-config.php, i changed this: define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);
        to this: define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);

        i got back a lot of error messages on the Post Pay Counter Options page as well as on the site itself.

        is there a particular error i should look for?

        • Actually, it should have gone from false to true, but if you got the errors… well, that is what we were looking for! Please take a screnshot both of the Options and the Stats page, upload them on or similar and then post the links :)

  30. Добрый день. А как перевести файлы: post-pay-counter.php, post-pay-counter-functions.php, post-pay-counter-install-routine.php, CSV в utf8.
    у меня всё в ����� ����������: ??????????????

      • Hello.

        Thanks for the quick response.
        How to transfer files: post-pay-counter.php, post-pay-counter-functions.php, post-pay-counter-install-routine.php, CSV in charset=UTF-8. In charset =1251 I see: ����� ����������:
        Thank you.

  31. Good day.
    Thanks for your great plugin. This is just brilliant work, I love it.

    My old users during the registration installed the e-mail address and not the address of PayPal, how to make a custom field to enter the PayPal address for old users?!
    I think everyone would like:
    set a fixed fee for the post,
    turn off the payment for the visitors on/off.
    Counting the posts on the number of characters character/word

    That would be an excellent addition. Would that be hard to do in the future release?
    Once again thank you very much for your excellent plugin.

    Sorry for my bad English

    • Hey.

      For the PayPal email address thing, you can already do what you ask for. In fact, you can insert your users’ PayPal addresses from their personalize settings page in the plugin’s options. It is not important what email address they used when they signed up. Let me know if I have not been clear.

      Somebody already talked about the minimum fixed fee thing: it is now on my features-to-implement list 😉

      Would you better explain “turn off the payment for the visitors on/off”, please?

      For “Counting the posts on the number of characters character/word”, it is already possible to count posts using the number of words that make them up with the unique payment system, for the number of characters I have nothing planned.


      • From version 1.2 on, besides other new functions, it is now possible to set a minimum payment fee which will always be credited to writers. Let me know should you encounter any problems.

  32. Hi,
    I would like to suggest a new feature, that would be really helpful for me and possibly others too: A minimum fee per post in the unique payment system.

    For example: the fee is calculated according to the rule 0.010 per word.
    An extra rule is added: minimum fee 1.00 per post.

    This will help in case of very short posts to guarantee a minimum acceptable fee, that will be fair to both the blog owner and the author of the post.

    Do you think it is possible to add this feature in the next version of your great plugin?


    • From version 1.2 on, besides other new functions, it is now possible to set a minimum payment fee which will always be credited to writers. Let me know if this is what you asked for.

      • Hi,
        I tested the new version (1.2.1), but it doesn’t do what I needed.
        It adds an extra fee to every post, so if the minimum fee is set to 1$ and a post costs 1$, then the final fee will be 2$.
        What I wanted is different: that no post will be paid less than the minimum fee: if the minimum fee is set to 1$, then every amount less than 1$ will be rounded to 1$.
        If the fee for a post is higher than the minimum fee, for example 1.2$, then the final fee won’t change.
        Do you think it will be possible to make it work like this?


  33. Hi,
    I have downloaded and installed your plugin in a Greek blog.
    Unfortunately the words counter does not function correctly, as it shows only 547 words in 33 posts. The real numbers though are 33 posts with 10472 words.
    I have experienced this issue with similar plugins, but I have found a words counter which counts everything correctly: Admin Word Count Column.

    I have also installed the plugin in an English blog and it works fine, so it is the Greek characters that cause the problem .

    I hope you will manage to find a solution to this problem because your plugin is very useful.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family,

    • Hi,
      pasted from the related FAQ: 😉

      The main point here is, at the present moment, the currency symbol is not really important – not at all indeed. The euro symbol, in fact, is just a way to better distinguish payments from other numbers. Just set the plugin as if you were using your desired currency and then, even if in the countings payments will be shown preceded by a euro sign, you will know you are actually using your currency.

  34. Ciao Stefano,
    intanto complimenti per il plugin, è bellissimo e utilissimo!

    Avrei un paio di domande sul pagamento a visita unica:

    1) c’è la possibilità di far fermare il conteggio dopo che l’articolo ha superato il suo 30° giorno di vita? (così da conteggiare solo i primi 30 gg ai fini del pagamento)

    2) se un utente disattiva i cookie e imposta un refresh automatico andrà avanti a conteggiare all’infinito?


    • Ciao Massimo,
      intanto grazie. Rispondo alle tue domande:

      1) Al momento no, ma è una cosa di cui sicuramente considererò l’implementazione per le release a venire.
      2) La risposta è sì, è questa la debolezza del conteggio per visite al momento. Ho però in programma l’aggiunta della possibilità di utilizzare Google Analytics per contare le visite, che quindi garantirebbe un’affidabilità molto maggiore. Per questo però, non ti posso dare una vera data perchè, purtroppo, in questo periodo il tempo scarseggia :(

      • Ciao Stefano,
        scusa il ritardo ma non ricevo le notifiche ai tuoi commenti.

        Siccome stavo proprio per scrivere uno script che utilizzasse le api di analytics per prendere i dati, mi piacerebbe avere un tuo contatto skype o gtalk per scambiarci un paio di opinioni e magari poter partire dal tuo script per implementare le mie modifiche.

        E’ possibile?

        Nel caso scrivimi in mail (dovresti vederla dal tuo wordpress :D)

  35. Hi,

    Very nice plugin. I looked for it abou 2 days and finaly found Your plugin !!
    But I have only 1 problem. In WordPress I have 535 words, but Your plugin count 613 words. I don’t know why, I check how many words realy are in my post and paste it to the Microsoft Word 2007 and it was 532 😉 Near WP count.
    I check some other plugins with words stats in post and that plugins also count 613 words im my post? Don’t know what to do?! Any help from Your side? Mayby it’s problem about newest version of WP?

    • Hello,

      I personally use the plugin on a couple of blogs I manage and write for, and I have not noticed any issue with the word counter, so I would not think about latest WP releases problems.

      I can tell you how the plugin word counting routine works (and I guess it is the way most plugin of the kind work): it takes the text of a post and strips all the HTML tags; from there, each thing enclosed in two spaces, is a word.

      Hope this is clear and will help you figure out what is wrong! :)

  36. Finally figured out how to config the plugin – i feel like an idiot – it’s so simple.

    Got it working to my liking – decided to go with the no of daily visits functionality to give authors a chance to earn some good money (as long as it’s within my adsense earnings – lol).

    Still wondering whether it will pay out in Euros or if it sends it as GBP. Quick answer on that would be fantastic.

    Love the way it backdates all the posts. Fantastic addition to the plugin. I promise to make a donation before Christmas – would love to see if the plugin works as it should first!


    • Hello!
      So you have solved all the problems you were reporting in the previous comments? If you still have problems in backdating and manual trial activation, make sure you have installed the very latest release of the plugin — there where some issues of the kind but my tests proved they were fixed with the 1.1.8, I hope at least.

      Since a lot of people asked me, I’m gonna add a FAQ about the currency concerns. You should keep in mind that the euro sign put in front of the payment amounts is just a way to distinguish payments from other numbers and is not therefore really relevant for the payment. You can set the plugin to work with GBP even if they will be shown as euros in countings, but you will know they are actually GBP. Need to find a clearer explanation, though I hope you have understood. When, in the future, I will probably add the ability to directly pay authors with a click via paypal, then I will also introduce the possibility to change currency but, for now, it is not really important — not at all indeed.

      The problem with the addition you were talking about (paying for posts not caring about words/visits) is not really hard to introduce, the point is that you are not the first who pays in a, say, unconventional way. Unfortunately, during the year — when I have school and studying to do — I do not have that much time I had in summer, and so I do really have to choose what is really interesting and useful for everybody. Can you confirm me the settings you have applied suited the payment method you usually use?

      As of the donation… well you will surely guess I’m really looking forward to that — you are the first one, unfortunately. Should you have any more problems, don’t hesitate to write :)

  37. Stefano,

    I have to say – WHAT AN AWESOME PLUGIN. I can’t believe there’s only one plugin that does exactly what it says.

    However, I feel it’s missing one feature.

    Can you create a new function which pays per post published, and not per word or visit/impression?

    I’d like to be able to pay my editors per post they have published – not per word, visit/impression.

    This could be an option similar to the per words / visits / options.

    Thanks in advance

    • AJ,
      let me first say I am absolutely delighted in knowing your appreciation for the plugin and in reading your comment.

      Now, if I got right what you are asking, it is already possible though not mentioned anywhere, I acknowledge. If you just want to set a fixed payment for every post, with the only conditioned it being future planned of published, try to use the words counting type together with the zones counting system, setting for each zone the same number of words (say 1) and the same payment amount (the amount you want your authors’ posts to be payed).

      Hope this is clear and what you were looking for, if not, tell me and maybe we can find a suitable solution :)


      • Completely forgot about my comment.

        Thanks for your reply. I’ve just taken a quick look and do you mean to set

        Words/Visits n° – to 1 (all 5 fields) and the Payment Option to be set to the same price for all 5 fields?

        If it work’s that could be a solution – just can’t help but think to have a section where you could just have:

        Counting Type
        Count per post published

        Counting System
        A unique payment per post or make use of the unique payment value.

        That would be an excellent addition. Would that be hard to do?

        Kind regards

      • Hi again Stefano

        I’ve set up the plugn as you described – I feel that the solution you gave would be the best way to solve my issue.

        HUGE thanks for that – however, I am having a slight problem with your plugin.

        I’d like to do a Manual Trial so I can control the co-writers that will be paid. When I select the checkbox – Enable Trial For User and click save options – the checkbox doesn’t remain checked.

        When I go to update stats and dates to backpay any posts – the results show up as in how many posts and the authors but the cost of the post remains at 0 Euros.

        Also, does the payments get paid in Euros, or can we select GBP?

  38. Sorry. Off course “Post Pay Counter” :)
    I found the problem. The plug-in counts words that contain Turkish characters more than real. This characters; ç, Ç, ö, Ö, ü, Ü, ı, İ, ğ, Ğ, ş, Ş (maybe you can’t see true)
    I will try solve this, tomorrow. I think a code can change this characters to letter before counting.

    • I have never tried those characters with the plugin so, yeah, it might not work very well. ANyway, it is quite strange since the plugin considers words only group of characters divided by blank spaces, cannot see where strange chars may provoke problems.

      Sorry for the late answer. Have you solved the problem?

  39. Hi,
    Thanks for useful plugin. But I have a problem.
    Count of words are seems too many. For example a post have actually 293 words but it’s seems 455 in “Post Per Count” list. What is the reason? And how can I fix this problem?

    • Hello,
      glad you liked the plugin.

      What is this “Post Per Count” you are talking about? If counted words are really different from what they should be, try to launch an “Update stats” from the Options page 😉

  40. Could you please consider introducing some kind of parameter to stop the view-payment after a certain period of time, for example after the post is 30 days old.

  41. Really great plugin! The one I was really missing for WP.

    Feature request:
    I think it would be great to have opportunity (as admin / editor) to give to authors (contributors) special bonus for well written post or possibility to give them payment even without writing post (article).

    I am running magazine on different system, and I am using above to motivate authors or to “pay” for extra (good) work.

    • Thanks!
      It may be possible to add the ability to give special prizes to posts but I fear it won’t be so for authors. I need to think a little about it, but I think the former is possible without too much work, while the second would be almost unimplementable because the plugin wouldn’t know when the admin has payed the bonus to the author…
      I’ll be back with news about this soon :)

    • As of version 1.1.4, I’ve implemented the feature you’ve requested. Please, update to the latest version and tell me if that’s what you were looking for. You have two new fields in the options to manage the new function, more details on how to use it in the FAQ here.

  42. This is the error at the top of the page:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/23/d244436119/htdocs/FFO/content/wp-content/themes/Quest/header.php:2) in /homepages/23/d244436119/htdocs/FFO/content/wp-content/plugins/post-pay-counter/post-pay-counter.php on line 217

    Thanks again.

  43. I absolutely love this plugin. I love everything it does. Normally if a plugin causes an issue I find a new plugin. However, this one is so perfect that I had to seek you out for help. When installed and activated everything wors perfect except my site gets an error code at the top of post pages that says there is an error on line 217 of post-pay-counter.php … something to do with accessing the header. Any advice or help would be incredibly awesome. Thanks.

  44. o magari inserirlo come opzione amministratore quella di mostrare per nome utente o per nome visualizzato?

    intanto penso ad altre feature possibili da consigliarti.. è un plugin davvero ben fatto!! complimenti

    • Accolgo con piacere i complimenti :)

      Per l’aggiunta dell’opzione, per quanto possa sembrare un’aggiunta semplice, non lo è moltissimo… Dato che la priorità è ora concentrarmi su altri progetti -sempre plugin-, sarei dell’idea di lasciare perdere 😉

      Rimango in ascolto :)

  45. continuo a testare il plugin, volevo chiederti.. e mi sembra che nella prima versione era così.. o forse nelvecchio plugin.. di mostrare gli autori per nome e cognome invece che per nomeutente. ( o magari inserire il nome e cognome e poi il nome utente tra parentesi..)

    • È possibile che nel Monthly Post Counter la cosa funzionasse in quel modo, ma sicuramente già dalla prima versione del Post Pay Counter la situazione è quella che descrivi… Ad ogni modo, non è una cosa che appoggio molto più che altro perchè sul blog gli utenti si riconoscono per il nickname piuttosto che per il nome-cognome. Se ti può tornare utile ti posso mettere la forma nome-cognome (username) visualizzabile nell’elenco dei conteggi come fumetto al passaggio del mouse… Dimmi tu :)

      • Ciao, dopo tempo sono tornato a testare il plugin e ad utilizzarlo.. volevo chiederti alcune cose e darti alcuni suggerimenti per piccole funzioni che potresti magari aggiungere.

        puoi contattarmi in email così ti spiego bene ed in modo dettagliato, senza appesantire i commenti, di cosa parlo?

        ciao, alessandro :)

  46. Thanks, Its still hanging and causing our server to timeout, but Ill take a look a php.ini thing if I can find it.

    I know nothing about plugins but Im wondering if going through the database could be done after the install process to avoid the hang up?

    As a publisher who wants to implement this based on future posts, it seems like the part that is hanging up might be better as an advanced option? Besides, paying people based on past posts could cost us a bloody fortune…lol

    But again, I know nothing about creating plugins, I just like the potential I see with this one :-)

    • That was really a good piece of advice, thanks.

      The function to update all the posts countings manually was already avaiable in the options page, I just added a few more rows of description and got rid of the function call during installation.

      The purpose was mainly to generate Overall Stats that included all the blog posts, but of course is more important the plugin is working, everything comes after.

      Anyway, version 1.1.2 avaiable in 15 minutes should work beatifully, I hope.

      Let me know :)

  47. Very interesting plugin.
    In my case I only want to know which sections of the site they visit most, it would be nice to have this alternative, if only to measure the most visited and post any statistics that yields .Very good job …

    • I fear I don’t understand… From what I got, you would need a stats plugin rather than one like the Post Pay Counter. Could you better explain what you mean?


  48. Tried installing your plugin but it won’t let me install. Is it due to our extremely large database? It just hangs on the install page then goes into inactive plugins.

    Please advise

    • Yes, I fear you got the point. I had no problem on a ~ 2000 posts blog, but in a local test install with ~ 35000 posts it just hangs… I pushed an update labeled as version 1.1.1 that tries to make the install process lighter, I think earning a couple of seconds on large blogs, but I’d suggest, if you can, to increase the max_execution_time in your server’s php.ini.

      Let me know.

  49. installato l’aggiornamento ed attivato su tutta la rete. le stats funzionano. mi prendo qualche ora per controllare che tutte le opzioni/settaggi siano ok.

    gran bel lavoro, e grazie :)

  50. Per abitudine avevo scritto in inglese, traduco… Ho appena inviato un aggiornamento che dovrebbe rendere il Post Pay Counter compatibile con le installazioni multisite, l’ho testato sulla mia configurazione di sviluppo. Per favore fammi sapere se tutto funziona bene o se c’è qualcos’altro che non si comporta correttamente.

    Dovrebbe essere disponibile in 15 minuti come versione 1.1:

    I just pushed an update that should make the Post Pay Counter compatible with multisite configurations, I tested it on my development setting. Please let me know if everything is working fine or if there’s something else not behaving well.

    It should be avaiable to download in 15 minutes as version 1.1:

  51. Ciao, trovo il tuo plugin fantastico.. ho solo un problema riguardo l’attivazione su una installazione multisite.

    in quello principale funziona tutto, nei sottoblog invece non salva le opzioni e naturalmente non mostra le stats.. evidentamente dovuto ad un pescaggio non corretto dal database.

    puoi indicarmi una soluzione o in qualche modo possiamo convertirlo per farlo funzionare su un multisite?

    ciao e grazie

    • Ciao, non ho avuto occasione di provare il plugin su un’installazione multisite non avendola a disposizione.
      Cerco al più presto di crearmi un ambiente di test funzionante e vedere cosa non va nel plugin, nel frattempo grazie mille della segnalazione. Spero di poterti ricontattare già domani con buone notizie :)

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