About me

Hi everybody, [everybody stand up] I’m Stefano from Genoa, Italy. Pleased to meet you [handshake], I’m a 21-year-old guy currently in love with everything that’s tech and who first got in touch with computers when was about 6. c71a58a2ef3f419895016447b1782836

I wrote IT tutorials for years on MegaLab.it, which was among the most important IT websites at that time; when I left, I had more than 800 articles published in a variety of fields. I also worked for smaller blogs like IdeaGeek, and other minor ones. I’ve been involved in web related projects like The Uploader, and coded several Pengu-ins Wordpress plugins, among which a freemium one (Post Pay Counter) that is the embodiment of my lack of marketing skills.

I took photography classes and I fell in love with light (Flickr). I also like blablaing on my YouTube channel about books and cultural topics. In 2014, I represented Italy at the International Public Speaking Competition in London. I love reading, hiking and just going around. I like finding good solutions to interesting problems.

Since September 2014 I study mathematics at the university of Genoa.

In October 2015 I founded Il Piacere di Scoprire, a not-for-profit to help kids discover the world through science experiments in a fun, concrete and intuitive way. We go around doing workshops with kids and also provide online material for teachers and everybody.

In 2016 I started Quick Math Intuitions, where I share my personal intuitions of math topics that occurred to me while studying/struggling to understand something.

I think it’s all for now, see ya!