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Hi everybody, [everybody stand up] I’m Stefano from Genoa, Italy. Pleased to meet you [handshake], I’m a 20-year-old guy currently in love with everything that’s tech and who first got in touch with computers when was about 6. The idea for this domain comes from my name: Stefano means the crowned one, and therefore TheCrowned.org.

A lot of my free time is spent here, in front of my dual-monitor quad-core computer, coding free web applications and WordPress plugins, or writing posts for blogs and websites. I wrote for years for MegaLab.it, which was among the most important IT websites at that time; when I left, I had more than 800 articles published in a variety of fields. I also worked for smaller blogs like IdeaGeek, and other minor ones, mostly closed now. I’ve been involved in web related projects like The Uploader, and coded several Pengu-ins Wordpress plugins, among which a premium one which is the embodiment of my lack of marketing skills. In May 2014, I represented Italy at the International Public Speaking Competition in London. I’m now currently studying mathematics, hoping to work in the field of artificial intelligence in the future.

Contrarily to the nerd stereotype, I don’t only do pixel-related things, not sitting at the computer at least. I do also enjoy taking pictures and reading books. I do actually love reading. Apart from novels, I love comics and graphic novels as well. I really don’t get why they aren’t widely worshipped, but whatever. Walking and riding my motorbike are two things I really like as well. I’m also interested in science, mathematics and philosophy, and I like writing some deep and breath-taking stories. I often write about how deep and breath-taking my stories are. I make italian YouTube videos talking about books, in which I tell patient viewers what I snobly think of some masterpiece. Oddly, I kinda hate summer and its hotness, while love the beautiful sunsets and temperatures of spring and autumn here. There’s probably a lot of stuff I forgot to tell here, but whatever.

This is intended to be my portfolio, where you will find all the applications and scripts I decide to make public. Sometimes I will also report here some solutions I find to my coding problems, or just pop a short thought just to let you know I’m alive.

I think it’s all for now, see ya!

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