About me

Hi everybody, [everybody stand up] I’m Stefano from Genoa, Italy. Pleased to meet you [handshake], I’m a 22-year-old guy passionate about maths/science/technology and who first got in touch with computers when was about 6.c71a58a2ef3f419895016447b1782836

I wrote IT tutorials for years on MegaLab.it, which was among the most important IT websites at that time; when I left, I had more than 800 articles published in a variety of fields. I also worked for smaller blogs like IdeaGeek, and other minor ones. My SourceForge page contains my early works (web related projects such as The Uploader and PollMaker; malware removal tools such as Bagle Restore). In later years, my focus shifted towards WordPress plugins: I developed several of them which are freely available and a freemium one (Post Pay Counter) that is the embodiment of my lack of marketing skills, but is nevertheless active on more than 60 countries all over the world. My GitHub page contains recent/active projects.

As a teenager I took photography classes and I fell in love with light (Flickr). I also like blablaing on my YouTube channel about books and cultural topics. In 2014, I represented Italy at the International Public Speaking Competition in London (see my speech).

From 2014 to 2017 I studied mathematics at the university of Genoa. My thesis was about the Hilbert curve and its application in turning an image into a sequence of sounds (see 3blue1brown‘s excellent video).

In 2015 I founded Il Piacere di Scoprire (The Pleasure of Findings Things Out), a not-for-profit to help kids discover the world through science experiments in a fun, practical and intuitive way. We go around doing workshops with kids and also provide online material for teachers and everybody (Italian only). I have been working at annual editions of Festival della Scienza since 2016.

In 2016 I started Quick Math Intuitions, where I share my personal intuitions of math/science topics that I come up while studying/struggling to understand something.

In September 2017 I started a MSc in Computer Science (University of Genoa). My main interests are in the field of cyber security; cryptography in particular. I have been playing around with malware throughout my teen years and that interest stuck. Machine learning related topics grasp my attention as well.

I will take part in an 4-months internship at Automattic (VIP division) in summer 2018.

A fellow table tennis player and yoga pupil, I love reading, writing, hiking and just going around. I like finding good solutions to interesting problems.

I think it’s all for now, see ya!